Here at YourTourn we want to give players the opportunity to turn their gaming skills into income. Our in person tournaments have been cancled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we will continue to host tournaments through the website.

What do you need?

-Must be 18 years or older to register

-Playstation 4 or Xbox One Gamertag

-Discord App


1.Create login

2. Click on "Register for Events" tab at the top of the page to enter and view upcoming events.

-Be sure to select appropriate console.

3. Once you've registered for an event:

- Your Gamertag will be placed in the bracket.

- A link will be sent to your phone to download the Discord app. 

4. The Discord app is where your wins will be submited.

-When the game is over, you you will take a picture of the final score and submit it in the app.

5. Click on the "View Brackets" tab to see results in tournaments

6. You can als0 subscribe to the Unlimited Plan for $45.00/per month.

This will grant you free tournament entries for one month.


7. Three consecutive tournament victories

will grant you the same access.

8. We will only be hosting tournaments for the following games:

-NBA 2k20 and 2k19

-Madden 2020 and 2019

We will update when new games are added. Good luck!